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Bhagavatam Bommera potana in Telugu E book online. For the first time ! Potana bhagavatam with padyalu and Telugu gadyam (explanation) together. 

Maha kavi potana struggled a lot in his life and dedicated his literature to Lord rama. Bhagavatam is one of the important book to read for all Telugu people.

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  1. Sir, Please provide link to download Volume 2. Already downloaded Volume I. Excellent work on Volume I, (wow, it was a latest edition August, 2017). Can't find link to download Volume 2. Please help. Thank you Sir.

    1. Bhagavatam Volume -2
      Click Here : https://goo.gl/v63kkM

    2. Hi Sir, Namaste
      I am not able to see any download pointer for Bhagavatham Vol 2. Could you please provide it.

      https://goo.gl/v63kkM --> not showing any pointer to download Vol2.

      Thank You, Sir.

  2. Hi Sir, Namaste
    Please click on the name 'Sri Mahabhagavatam PDF free Download' - This is the second volume of Pothana's Sri Mahabhagavatam (Volume - 2, Skandha - 3), available on hindu temples Guide website.

    However, if you would like to download all 12 Skandhas - available in 8 volumes, please visit: http://ebooks.tirumala.org/
    Tirumala administration recently added all Eight volumes (12 Skandhas) on their website. Please look for: 'Pothana Mahabhagavatam with Commentary' (New). Hope this information helps.


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